In der schönsten Region Kärntens - Ein Schloss mieten - Für Ihr besonderes Fest - Mit Familie und Freunden - Ganz einfach schön urlauben!

Summary over the booking possibilities

Here are all the apartments shown in a plan and beside there is a booking calendar for the next 14 to 16 month, each month in a row. Underneath there is a price table for the different seasons witch are coded by the colour.

read field shows that this time the apartment is booked.

green field shows that this is the time for off season.

yellow field shows that this is the time for mid-season.

blue field shows that this is the main season.

The entire Schloss Berg Klösterle XL: app. 550m²,  with Festival Hall Sauna and Partyceller, 5 Kitchens, 7 Bathroom, 23 Beds, 10 Couchbeds.





Schloss Berg Klösterle Lthe Schloss without the apartment Abtei: app. 470m², with Festival Hall, Sauna and Partyceller, 4 Kitchens, 6 Bathrooms, 17 Beds, 8 Couchbeds.





Schloss Berg Klösterle M, that is only the first floor app. 400m², with Festival Hall, Sauna and Partyceller, 3 Kitchens, 4 Bathrooms, 11 Beds, 6 Couchbeds.




The Castel Berg Klösterle S:

app. 250m², for 12 to 16 persons, with Partyceller and Sauna , 2 Kitchens, 4 Bathroom, 12 Beds, 4 Couchbeds.



The Priorat apartment approx. 90 m² / 950² for 7 - 9 persons

Plan der Wohnung Priorat

The Abtei apartment with approx. 90 m² / 900² ft. for 6 - 8 person.

Plan der Wohnung Abtei

The Noviziat apartment with approx. 60 m²  / 725² ft. for 6 - 8 persons

Plan der Wohnung Noviziat

In addition
to the rent we charge per Person per Night:

Loca taxe          €   1,40

Heating             €   2,50  oil

Electrisity         €   1,50  inkl. Sauna

Bed linen          €   4,00 incl. Bedding, towels, kitchen towels

In total             € 10,00 per person and night


If you book you pay for the entire house a deposit of € 1.000 and for each apartment € 200, so it will be reserved for you and this will be evident on our website like, it will be your name in red colour.

Bank account holder:           Ing Reinhard Gerlich
The bank is:                          Die Kärntner Sparkasse, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Neuer Platz 14, Austria
The IBAN number is:          AT392070600500000641
BIC:                                        KSPKAT2KXXX


There is always the possibility, if somebody else books, to get your entire money back. Whenever you tell us to cancel you’re booking, we will set this time on our booking calendar in internet again free for booking and there is for the next month a good chance that somebody else will book. As soon as he will pay the deposit, you will get the entire deposit back.

When you are too late, let’s say one month bevor arrival and we cannot get any more bookings, we will not pay back your deposit. For that and for not being able to come at all, I would advise you to make a travel insurance, witch is evaluable quite cheep on internet.


4 weeks bevor your arrival we will ask you to pay the rest of the rent.

At your arrival we will ask you to pay in cash 10 Euro per person per night as well as a deposit (€ 150/750) and we will pay you back the deposit at the end of your stay.

in Winter:

In front of the house there are sufficient parking places. In winter, the snow removal will be done to the parking lots. The streets are asfaltiert up to the house and in front of the house are composite stones made of concrete laid. Although in winter (mid-November to mid-March) the streets or mostly dry, but at this time you should only arrive with winter tires. If there is heavy snowfall, the roads will be cleand by the municipality 1-2 times a day. If you are not able or willing to wait you will have to use Chains.

There are 6 skiing records are in 15 - 20 minutes distance:

Bad Kleinkirchheim mit Thermalbädern in ca. 11 km:

Turracher Höhe ca. 25 km:

Falkert in ca. 15 km:    

Hochrindl in ca. 23 km:

Gerlitze in ca. 25 km:

Simonhöhe in ca. 25 km: