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Berg Klösterle

In the Nockmountains

The Nockmountains are Europe's only national park in undulating mountains with the largest pine and Swiss pine woods in the Eastern Alps. The unmistakable appearance of the round "Nockn" is a geological rarity, unique in the entire Alpine region.
The diversity of the existing rocks contributes to the multiplicity of the landscape.

The road to the Nockmountains is a memorable experience for nature lovers. The 35 km long Nockmountains road winds through an area of special scenic beauty.

Due to the low gradient, the road is suitable for cars, motorcycles and cycling. It extends over a vast area of the national park with countless well-marked trails for hiking.

Along the Nockmountains road you can eat at one of several well run restaurants serving Carinthian dishes.
The Nockmountains road is open from May to the end of October.